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1. The KVB - 'Reflecting Grey' Nightvision Mix

The KVB - 'Reflecting Grey' Nightvision Mix

The latest in the ever-evolving Nightvision Mixbehavior series comes courtesy of the delightful duo THE KVB. 'Maybe its because we have been traveling around so much recently, but I see this mix as a winter road trip mix. Suited to being played loudly while traveling from one industrial wasteland to another and embracing the grey. ' - THE KVB. Read more: Tracklisting: Belong - Keep Still Silent Servant - Temptation & Desire Go-Go darkness - Re-install My Heart Grauzone - Moskau Eraas - At heart (The Kvb Remix) Ike Yard - Kino Von Haze - Mother Mountain Delia Derbyshire - Ziwzih Ziwzih 00-00-00 Joe Meek & The Blue Men - The Bublight

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2. Moon Wiring Club - 'Midnight in Europe' Nightvision Mix

Moon Wiring Club - 'Midnight in Europe' Nightvision Mix

Moon Wiring Club's post-rave/ambient techno mix for Download here: Moon Wiring Club interview with Nightvision here: Moon Wiring Club's intricate mix description here: 01. Eo. A.D. 2600 02. Beaumont Hannant. SYm-phon5 03. Reload. Le Soleil Et La Mer (Black Dog Productions Remix) 04. Ecstasy of Saint Theresa. Sooper Kosmos 05. Celia Green. Lucidity 06. Panasonic. Urania 07. LFO. Goodnight Vienna 08. Robert Leiner. Autopia 09. Claude Young. Multiplicity of Zeros and Ones 10. Jeff Mills. Man From Tomorrow 11. LFO. Tied Up Electro 12. FSOL. Everyone in the World is Doing Something Without Me 13. Microglobe. Trust 14. Slowdive. In Mind Bandulu Remix (Out Mind) 15. Soft Ballet. Ride (Global Communication Dub Mix) 16. FSOL. Antique Toy 17. Woob. Amoeba 18. Luke Slater's 7th Plane. Shades Amaze 19. Biosphere. Novelty Waves (Arctic Mix) 20. Speedy J. The Fun Equations 21. Octagon Man. Klunk 22. Beautyon. Rustless 23. Autocreation. Snatch 24. Baby Ford. Dead Eye 25. Anthony Manning. Concision 26. Saint Etienne. Like a Motorway (Skin up, you're already Dead by Autechre) 27. Bradley Strider. Bradley's Robot 28. Mira Calix. Khala (assisted by Gescom) 29. David Holmes. Johnny Favourite (exploding plastic ambience mix) 30. Bola. Vespers 31. Bandulu. Phaze In (Remix)

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3. Nochexxx - 'Guided Subways' Nightvision Mix

Nochexxx - 'Guided Subways' Nightvision Mix

The latest and greatest in the Nightvision Mixbehavior series. Meet Nochexxx: John Bender - It’s Something To Do Glass Domain - Interlock Bill Nelson - Transformation 1 DJ Diamond - Torture Rack Beastie Boys - Sounds Of Science Afrika Bambaataa ‎– Deathmix (Rush edit) Negativeland - Michael Jackson Suicide - Surrender Moralische Endrustung – Ich Liebte Sie Alle Frieder Butzman - I’m A 7 Inch Single Zacky Force Funk- The Split Thomas Leer - Private Plane Polyphonic Size - On The Way To Medora Aphex Twin - ?

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4. Nightvision: Enter The Void // Death Drone 001

Nightvision: Enter The Void // Death Drone 001

A taste of Nightvision's favorite sounds du jour; it was cobbled together under the influence of unruly spirits, federal greed, cosmic alliances, and the sense of stifling encasement, both bodily and psychological. Some of the tracks are old, some new, some drifting in between. All in under 20 minutes, all revelatory of where we stand aesthetically and in attitude. Enjoy. Tracklisting: HTRK x Demdike Stare x Front 242 (Nightvision Edit) HTRK - Work That Body Brian Eno - Horse Cut Hands - Rain Washes Over Chaff Demdike Stare - Janissary x Black Sun (Nightvision Edit) Vindicatrix - Private Places Prurient - Palm Tree Corpse Regis - Slave To The Inevitable Front 242 - Angst (Excerpt) Primal Scream - Exterminator (Massive Attack Remix)

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