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Ying & Yang, delight & sadness, man & woman, diffusion & concentration, fragmentation & defragmentation, life & death... Confronted terms will make a blance on the pole, unify each other in gigantic cycle, and spiral forward to the future our decision has made... An artist/livepainter Sense and CG designer Taketo presents modern style JOMON art for the future. Director: Taketo Kobayashi Original art work: Sense Original sound track: Joseph Nothing in collaboration with Jomonism

2. "XSENSE ReMix" for Zushi Media Art Festival

this animation is material of projection mapping, remix of "XSENSE" animation. this animation was for Zushi Media Art Festival 2013, projected on outside wall of Zushi elementary school.

3. Xsense test

  • Published: 2012-03-01T21:56:04+00:00
  • Duration: 11
  • By Magnus Hedman
Xsense test

Testing the Xsense-system at the University of Dalarna. Caster: Ulrik Röijezon.

4. Atmel XSense Beginning and Ending Title Sequences

Atmel XSense Beginning and Ending Title Sequences

Infusing design, 2d/3d animation, Pastilla had the pleasure of concepting and designing the beginning and ending title sequences. We helped ATMEL visualize the possibilities into using their new technology to create CURVED touch screen interactive devices.

5. Xsense(for slower connection)

Xsense(for slower connection)

Content is exactly the same. For slower connection. Director: Taketo Kobayashi Original art work: Sense Original sound track: Joseph Nothing in collaboration with Jomonism

6. 光陽 XSENSE_設計篇

光陽 XSENSE_設計篇

7. Neuro-Scape Ver.XSENSE

Neuro-Scape Ver.XSENSE

ヒトとクルマを繋ぐ未来のインターフェイスを目指して… ヒトが持つ複雑な“感情”などの働きも、要素に分解していくと結局は、シナプスのon/offに行き着く(だからといって魂がアル・ナシ云々言っているんじゃあないよ!)。シンプルな機能が雲霞の如く重なり複雑な現象を生んでいるのだ。ZMPの車にも様々な計測機器が搭載され、外界からの情報や内観的な情報を多層的に蓄積している。人間の脳のシステムほど複雑ではないが、そこに情報の海からサルベージされた“感情”の様なものが生まれれてもおかしくないのではないだろうか…、そこに生まれた“感情”がインターフェイスとなりヒトとクルマをより有機的に結びつける…、そんな妄想からこのデザインは始まった。 ヒトが夢を見るように、このクルマにも夢を見ることができるかもしれない Neuro-Scapeはそんなクルマの精神世界をカタチにしたものである。

8. xSense | Scientific Aromatherapy

  • Published: 2016-02-25T19:50:42+00:00
  • Duration: 99
  • By
xSense | Scientific Aromatherapy

9. 光陽 XSENSE_品味篇

光陽 XSENSE_品味篇

10. "Ailleurs en Folie Tokyo" - Home & Away Tokyo :: TOKYO WEEK

  • Published: 2016-02-14T11:37:41+00:00
  • Duration: 149

=ABOUT= 2015年、欧州文化首都に制定されたベルギーのMONS市。 MONS市で一番大きい美術館「Maison Folie」で開催された、世界8都市の街/文化を体感できる 大規模文化交流プログラム「Ailleurs en Folie(アイルアンフォリ)」。 世界各国を巡り、2015年の10月はTOKYOをテーマにした「Ailleurs en Folie TOKYO」が開催されました。 GROUNDRIDDIMは国境を越えた人との縁。祭の宴。そして地球の円。
様々な「EN」に、 "EN"ターテインメントの要素を混ぜ、
【絵画】【音楽】【テクノロジー】【食】【伝統】という 5つのコンセプトを落とし込んだ企画展「TOKYO WEEK」をプロデュース。 短い会期の間に、欧州各国より大勢の来場者にお越しいただき同プログラムの最大動員を記録しました。 =ARTIST= HIFANA & RHIZOMATIKS DJ UPPERCUT MAHARO MON(#BCTION / DOPPEL) Kanji City by KOTA IGUCHI(TYMOTE / CEKAI) SENSELESS DRAWING BOT by So Kanno & yang02 Good Mornings GROUNDSTAR+ EN- Japanese Art Exhibition- 2YANG / AYAKO HISHINUMA / BAKI BAKI / DRAGON76 / GRAVITYFREE / HAMADARAKA HIDEYUKI KATSUMATA / IMAONE / KAZ / KLEPTOMANIAC / MIZPAM / NIGAMUSHI OMOCHIALIEN / SHOHEI / SORBONNE SENSEI / SUIKO / TADAOMI SHIBUYA / TENGAONE TKO / USUGROW / XSENSE Documented by TAICHI KIMURA Filmed by TAICHI KIMURA & Shoyo Miyao =感謝= MONS2015, Maison Folie, EU-JAPAN FEST, Japan Foundation, パリ日本文化会館, 在ベルギー日本大使館, PARTY, CEKAI, Kichi, Liki inc, ete, 福太郎, Pioneer DJ, POTATO STUDIO, CAFE POMEGRANTE, Thomas Duchatelet & Kyomi Ichida =欧州文化首都とは?= 欧州連合が指定した加盟国の都市で、

11. Kingshouse Festival - 27 april 2015 - Jaarbeurs Utrecht

  • Published: 2015-05-01T08:05:32+00:00
  • Duration: 98
Kingshouse Festival - 27 april 2015 - Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Kingshouse Festival 27 april 2015 Jaarbeurs Utrecht W&W, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Oliver Heldens, Quintino, Ummet Ozcan, Jay Hardway & more.. Music credits: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Ummet Ozcan - The Hum

12. Atoptix Graphics Demo

Atoptix Graphics Demo

3D composition of the Atoptix Molbile Spectrometer for the Nokia XSense Competition

13. Alan and Bob cycles

Alan and Bob cycles

Motion capture using Xsens was used and edited together for Alan. Maya HumanIK rig. Custom rig for Bob keyframe animation

14. XSENSE - Christmas Showreel 5

  • Published: 2017-01-31T10:53:55+00:00
  • Duration: 110
  • By David Jakobs
XSENSE - Christmas Showreel 5

15. M&M 2013 Bruker Nano GmbH

M&M 2013 Bruker Nano GmbH

Jana Bergholtz of Bruker Nano GmbH talks to MICROSCOPY AND ANALYSIS about what's new from Bruker

16. Trailer Lief 2016

  • Published: 2016-06-07T13:08:32+00:00
  • Duration: 49
  • By Jakob Roques
Trailer Lief 2016

After ten years, Lief Festival was looking for a new identity. Animated trailer used to announce the new look and feel of Lief Festival. Client: XSENSE Studio: DSYNER Role: Animation

17. BT9 Xsense

  • Published: 2015-03-02T18:46:02+00:00
  • Duration: 181
  • By RubiconStudio
BT9 Xsense

BT9 is an end-to-end, real-time cold chain management solution provider. Its Xsense technology is currently used around the globe by large corporations as well as small-medium companies. This project is a promotional live action and motion graphics video shot on RED high end camera. The film demonstrates the Xsense technology and solutions. Our studio was asked to do the post production work on this short film on a tight schedule. Client - BT9 Production - Ori Amitay (North Point) Roles - Design, Animation, Color Grading, Sound Design

18. maNga VJ tests

  • Published: 2013-01-28T12:12:33+00:00
  • Duration: 41
  • By only twin
maNga VJ tests

Short test shots for a VJ show. As an intern at APVIS I helped create easily adjustable After Effects templates, so they could be updated and/or modified during the festival tour. We also gathered data from a dancer in an Xsense mocap suit, which I linked to the 3d model of the band's mascot (made by Fieke Langenberg) after rigging it. Live-action footage was added while on tour, being filmed on location by Demian Albers and Louk van Kalmthout. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to join them for any show, since the tour was in Turkey only. But these are some examples of what I made in the weeks prior to their departure, to be used in the shows. Homemade recordings of some of these shows can be found online probably, but nothing high-quality.

19. Archaic Memory -Jomon XSENSE-

Archaic Memory -Jomon XSENSE-

New XSENSE video for "Jomon Alive"exhibit, Takashimaya, Shinjuku, Tokyo. This is the video showing the fusion of Japanese ancient "Jomon" culture/design and contemporary sub-cultural art. Music: "the entrance" by Joseph Nothing

20. Atoptix Presentation Animation

Atoptix Presentation Animation

Atoptix, a startup out of Penn State University, needed a quick and effective method to explain how their a mobile spectrometer functioned for their presentation at the Nokia XSense Competition. This motion graphics piece visually represents the journey of light as it is emitted from their device, enters the skin, is scattered and absorbed into the tissue, and is ultimately reflected back into their device for analyzation.